Pieces in a Puzzle

August focus: Domestic Cleaning Service

pieces in a puzzle

Pieces in a Puzzle

Even after reading all of this and becoming fairly good at the suggestions in this month’s articles,  there will still be times when just everything seems to go wrong for you with a particular client. Even though you have all good intentions, you must remember this: just as they are looking for the right person to help them with their cleaning, so too are you looking for the right clients to serve. Everyone wants the right pieces in a puzzle. You want your clients to be right for you, and your clients want you to be right for them.

There will be personality clashes, there will be misunderstandings, there will be times when you have an ‘off’ day and you miss a few things which gets you instantly fired, and there will be times when the client is just simply unreasonable. You don’t have to take on every client who wants you, remember: you have a choice too. Like pieces in a puzzle, if the shapes aren’t right don’t try to make them fit. Just aim to make your service amenable to the most number of people that is reasonably possible, and if that doesn’t happen to be all then don’t beat yourself up about it. After all, you are only human and it isn’t always something that is within your control as to why things don’t work out.


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Free From the Gilded Cage is the education arm of the Loving Heart Foundation Australia where we teach the basics of self-employment and basic budgeting skills. This is so that women can learn the skills needed to manage their own lives without feeling trapped in a relationship with a man who is beating them up. With these skills they can easily leave him.

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