Good Clients and Bad

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good clients and bad

Good Clients and Bad

Recognising a Bad Client

In this business there are plenty of bad clients. That doesn’t mean to say though, that you should treat any of them with a lack of respect. You should treat each client with the same amount of respect and value, no matter whether you are being paid well or being paid average to do their work. When a person feels valued by you they are going to tell others about you and your service. This is how you will gain referral business. But be aware that in the home cleaning business there will always be good clients and bad.

You will know if you have a good client because they will be supportive and encouraging of both you and your work. They will do whatever needs to be done to help you, be that either making sure that you have enough products and equipment to do the job, and that the equipment is in good working order. They will usually run around prior to you getting there and pick up any clothes or toys from the floor and put them away. They will clear the bench tops in the kitchen and put jars and containers back in the pantry where they belong. They will tidy their desk in the office and clear the dining room table. Basically, they will help clear the mess so that you can do the cleaning. Then, you can rely on them to always have the money there for you when you arrive, and you never have to wait to be paid. If they pay by cheque, it always clears. Plus, they are usually happy to refer you to other people, and you will find that they regularly do.

Bad clients follow you around while you are trying to work, argue over your rates and won’t be flexible when you explain that ‘their work simply cannot be done in only 3 hours, that it is a 4 hour job’. They often speak down or are rude to you as well and will criticise your work without giving you any positive feedback. In these cases the client is definitely not always right. If they do not improve after three visits, drop them.


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