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This is one of the education arms of the Loving Heart Foundation Australia. Our site focuses on providing the information needed so that women can create their own small business. You may find out about the other things that our organisation does by going to www.lovingheartfoundationaustralia.org.

FreeFromTheGildedCage.com is part of our private, non-profit, non-government, humanitarian, tax exempt community Foundation. For those that are reading this site who are being assisted by our organisation, this information is available to you at no charge.

For those others who are reading this and who get a benefit out of what you read here, I invite you to donate to our Foundation by clicking on the donate button at the top of the sidebar to the right.  If what you read here inspires you or helps you at all, please donate to help support our cause.

Or, the alternative way to help us is to use our other services. We have an online diary that will become available shortly which will help you organise the appointments that you make and the bookings that you take for your own services in your small business. The URL is www.appointment-scheduler.com , and once the site has been finalised and goes live we will link to the URL from here.

There will also be an online marketplace available by the end of 2015 that you can use in a similar manner to ebay. All profits from our sites go to help those whom we assist. By using these sites, you’ll be helping us fund what we do. We give mothers, children and their family pets a place to stay when they leave a violent relationship, and we then do what we’re able to do to help keep them safe once they leave.

On our site you will find a series of posts and pages written with ideas for creating your own small business as well as ways to manage your finances and get more organised in your life. Most of the posts are aimed at women, however, men will gain a benefit too if they decide to read them. Freedom from the gilded cage is not only about having enough money to be able to do what you want more or less when you want and being able to decide how and when you make that money, it is also a mindset. Thus you will find articles here that deal with the psychology of becoming free as well as articles that describe the more practical side of setting up your own business in order to become financially self-sustaining. Some of the articles will address how we place restrictions upon ourselves through our own thinking.

True freedom is something that many people strive for, but only some manage to achieve.  The first place freedom begins though is in the mind. To become free from the gilded cage, a woman needs look at quite a number of the things she currently believes about the world, as well as what she does in her world.

I encourage you to take a look around. Thank you for stopping by!