free of gilded cage

We as women have suffered huge levels of indoctrination about who we are. I remember being very confused as a young girl as to what my role in life was. I sensed that the history I was being taught at school was not the true history of the world, just like how I sensed that the teachings of the spiritual leaders were not as they were meant to be taught. Something just wasn’t right.


I am aware now of the effect that the majority of the Disney films and animations had on me as a child. Obviously, you don’t notice what the subliminal programming is doing to you while it is happening, but the effects of it can be felt as you grow into a woman. These things combined with being forced to observe my abusive father mistreat my mother (and then having both her and my father treat myself and my brother in a violent way), caused me to develop PTSD which resulted in poor grades at school. I didn’t really care about not doing well at school because I wasn’t interested in what I was being taught anyway (or should I say, being indoctrinated with). I also developed very low self-esteem, which made me vulnerable to being bullied at school and in the local neighbourhood by others. I was on edge pretty much everywhere I went. There was no peace at home, there was no peace when I walked out the door, and there was little peace once I arrived at school.

Fortunately I was lucky to be able to go on to a dancing career, which was a real blessing after what I had been through. From age nineteen I worked as a contract dance teacher, then started my own dancing school at 21 years of age, and continued to be self-employed from that point on in my life. Being free of most of the shackles that come with working for others certainly does make a difference in your life.

I need to emphasise here that the domestic violence and verbal abuse that went on in the house that I grew up in weren’t the only contributing factor to the mental cage that I found myself in by the time I was sixteen. There were a host of other things that had put several bricks around my heart and mind by that age. I was very lost for a few years there, doing what lost people do.  Then, by the time I was twenty two I was ready to take a sledgehammer to the walls of that cage and free myself.  Abusive relationships were just one manifestation of what had become rigid in my head. Limiting beliefs about my abilities were another.

Thank God that by age twenty two I had found the writings of the man who went on to become my personal development and spiritual teacher for the next twenty six years. Stuart Wilde was a Taoist who taught that we must live in intrinsic harmony with all of life, of which Nature plays a major part. The Tao Te Ching is one of the books that Stuart studied for many years, along with the teachings of Old Chinese who was channeled through Marshall Lever.  He amassed a huge amount of wisdom in his life, and was known as the teacher’s teacher.  I found a great little book with a fabulous interpretation of the Tao Te Ching written by David Tuffley that I posted at my other site, so click on this link here if you’d like to check it out.

Stuart handsketched

Stuart often recommended other writers and teachers to his students who were able to provide information that added to what we were learning from him. His teachings are speckled with comedy and when you read them it feels like he is talking personally to you. You may want to check his writings out some day at  www.stuartwilde.com .  He reached a high level of vibration in his later years, and because of this he was attacked by the darkness in others almost constantly.  In the spirit dimensions he was a powerful spiritual warrior who taught a team of other warriors how to eliminate evil, so the demons that he fought against would use others to denigrate and run him down.  Only those who knew him well knew of the deep truths in what he had to say and why he was being attacked and slandered, and what force was behind those attacks. One could say that despite the fact that many people no longer believe in what is written in the Bible, there is a whole lot of truth about Angels and demons in there that we all should take notice of.

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