Australian Business Types

Australian Business Types

Australian Business Types

Here are a few of the more popular Australian Business Types that you can use to create the income that you’ll need to leave a violent relationship if you have the commitment, money, time, and a good teacher. Remember, you’ll need a good mentor to help you do well, because unless you know what you are doing you’ll find the going tough in the first twelve months. However, don’t give up. It’s not impossible to succeed.

Anyway, let’s look at the following business types:

Party Plan

Pros: This is a business that can be run during the hours that fit in with you. Many parties can be arranged during the day, at times when other mothers are also at home.  If you are saving your money to leave a violent relationship and you don’t want your husband to know that you are planning to leave, this is one of the very best businesses to get involved in.  If you have a large network of friends who know of your plight, they will all help you out by hosting parties. Mind you, you should NEVER make your friends feel obliged to help you out. That’s the fastest way to lose friends. Ask for their help, and if they say no, let them be. You can always advertise for people to host a party for you.

Few Overheads

This type of business has very, very few overheads. You have no rent to pay, no advertising (as it is almost all word of mouth), and depending on what you decide to do, you can either join a pre-established party plan company or you can start your own by going to the wholesalers to purchase products direct. It’s up to you. You will only have to work about 15 hours a week to make well more than a regular income, and you can choose products that don’t take up alot of room so that you can minimise the space needed in your home to run this business.

Cons: If you aren’t brave enough to ask for parties from the people attending the parties that you are demonstrating at, then your business quickly runs out of steam. You’ll need to have a certain amount of courage to make this business work, however, if the ladies attending your initial parties know why you are in business, it won’t be difficult to get help from them. After that though, you do have to push for sales and new party bookings.

Real Estate

Pros: There is often a limited supply. Real Estate can go up in value under the right circumstances. If it is a rental or commercial property it can provide you some cash flow. The big profit in Real Estate usually comes from selling at a substantially increased value due to economic growth and/or development of that property or properties around it. Can be done on a part-time basis.

Cons: It takes a lot of money to acquire property. Management of income property is very time consuming and a very big hassle. Most Real Estate agents are starving. They are out of business every time they sell a property. In a down market you can lose your investment.


Pros: Franchises have a 95% success ratio worldwide because of having a proven track record. They will create an income fairly quickly. The average franchise owner earns $40,000 to $120,000 (old figures) per year. Be your own boss, own your own company. Owning several franchises is the only way to create income as well as the freedom to enjoy it.

Cons: Like Real Estate, the cost of buying a Franchise license is often prohibitive. It ranges from $30,000 to $1 million, plus the operating capital for 6 months to a year. It is a full time commitment. The average time that a Franchise owner spends at his or her franchise is 78 hours per week. The business ends up owning them. You have to have employees and overhead regardless of whether there is profit or not. As the owner you will be the last to get a pay cheque.

Business of Any Kind/Not Franchises

Pros: You get to be your own boss. Many businesses can be worked out of your own home. In Australia, home based businesses are a billion-dollar industry. There are tax advantages to owning your own business.

Cons: Starting a new business is high risk. 80% of all new businesses fail in the first two years. Small businesses take start-up capital, though this amount is usually less than a franchise because one does not have to buy a franchise license. Most cash flow goes back into the business for three to five years before a profit is shown. Long hours are required, and you cannot quit or go home at 5 or 6 o’clock. More often than not the business ends up owning you rather than you owning it.

Multi-Level Marketing / Network Marketing  / Network Franchising

Pros: More millionaires have been made in Multi-Level (MLM) than in any other industry except real estate. Almost no money is required to begin. Uses the principal of people working for you, yet each one works for themselves. Involves the success method that franchises use, which is to provide a proven method and track record of creating income – as long as it is duplicated on a steady basis over a 5 year period.

Has gained great credibility in the last 25 years. Fortune 500 companies have implemented MLM as a way of creating substantial income. Doesn’t matter what background a person comes from, they can create $500, $1000, or $5000 per month income within 6 to 24 months by creating an organisation where you get an override on all the volume created by that organisation.

Crunch the Numbers

There are about 800,000 people involved in some kind of MLM that live in Australia. It is predicted that in the year 2018 there will be about 1,250,000 people involved. Those who catch the vision of this vehicle to create income and wealth will become financially independent IF they do what it takes. I know from experience that MLM is the finest way to create income without risk that exists today. If the MLM company is over 5 years old and has decent products that are re-ordered every month, then there is virtually no risk to the new MLM distributor if they follow the proven methods used in building an organisation.

There is one catch though – you must truly believe in the product you are selling or you won’t succeed.  You have to be convinced to the core that the product you want to promote has the most benefits a product could offer. Otherwise you won’t believe in what you are doing. It will then be obvious to others that your only interest is in wanting to get rich, not in wanting to help them. That is where most MLM’ers fail.

Genuinely Want to Help Others

Within yourself there has to be a genuine desire to help other people. That is what an MLM business is all about.  The biggest reason for failure within MLM is that people’s greed becomes obvious to those whom they are offering the opportunity to. As such, they push their potential recruits away.  It’s an internal problem that can’t be fixed by external systems. It can only be corrected by developing the right attitude, character and motivations.

There are some excellent MLM businesses on the internet that have an information product as the product that they promote. You do need to do your research though, to discover which products will sell and which don’t.  From experience, I don’t recommend trying to market your MLM business to your friends. It’s the fastest way to lose friends that one could imagine.  Market your MLM business the same way other businesses find customers, and then you are more certain to succeed.

Cons of MLM

Cons: 95% of all new MLM companies fail within the first 6 to 12 months. This often leaves distributors with stock they can’t sell, as well as a very bad taste in their mouth about MLM. Requires consistent recruiting, plus about 15 to 20 hours a week to really be successful. Has had a bad stigma because many people have tried it but quit before they succeeded. Inadequate training creates failure for the new person. Much hype and not enough truth about what it really takes to succeed.


Any woman who isn’t playing being a total victim can create a situation where they are not financially dependent on their spouse. That’s IF they have a burning desire to do the things needed to take themselves and their children to safety. Find a good teacher/s, and put into place an action plan. Often, because of the love for her children, a woman will do incredible things to work her way out of danger.  Draw upon the strength within you so that you can do the amazing.

If you intend to sell a product it must be one of a very high standard, it must be one that you love and believe in so that it is easy for you to promote. Should you intend to provide a service you must be very competent at what you do and be very pleasant towards the people you serve. If you have knowledge to sell you must be prepared to expand your knowledge so that you always have something new to offer to your clients. With all these things in mind nothing is impossible if you will do the things needed to succeed.


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