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Direct Mail Order Business – Your Product

Direct Mail Order Business - Your Product


Direct Mail Order Business – Your Product

This is the fifth in a series of articles to do with Direct Sales and Marketing for the month of February. So let’s learn more about choosing your product……..

Product selection is very basic, and thus the most important first step. Stop and think – look around yourself – and listen to what the people are most clamouring for. You will find that the least expensive way to produce your product and fulfill orders to make a high profit is to put together and sell information. To do this, first test the market potential with photocopies of the report or booklet. Or, if you haven’t written your own book or report you may be able to revive an out-of-print publication by someone else.

In this day and age, much of the noise in the air has to do with: How can I find a job…. How can I put together a resume that will get me a job when I spot an opening…. Where are the jobs… If I can’t get a job, perhaps I can start my own business. But how do I do that?…… With these thoughts in mind, the person who writes, publishes, and gets an instructional manual or even a newsletter that is relative to these questions to the people, will sell as many as they can produce. Continue reading