Party Plan – Candles, Soaps, Handcremes

Party Plan - Candles, Soaps, Handcremes

Party Plan – Candles, Soaps, Handcremes

You can make your own products if you like. Candles, soaps and home-made hand-cremes do well. Using all naturalingredients you can develop your own range of items. A range of all-natural beauty products would do well with certain groups of women – usually those who are interested in all things eco-friendly. You could also produce your own range of eco-friendly cleaning products that you made yourself. This would do very well at a Party.

If you have time to produce a range of stock in readiness for your parties, and if you have a place to store them, you will do really well. Well enough to hire the help of one or more people to come and help you make some more in readiness for another lot of parties.

Making candles is messy work though.  It will turn your kitchen into chaos, but if you love what you do, it’s worth it.More ideas coming in the next article……

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    • We do not have a company selling these things. This information is so that you can go to a wholesaler yourself and purchase the items, or make them yourself, and then sell them as your own business. This article is purely just to give you ideas, that’s all.

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