Give up or Keep Going?

Give up or Keep Going?

How to Face the Toughest Decision of All

How does one know whether to give up or keep going in business? The way for me to tell whether something was working for me was to look to see if things were flowing well in the business. Am I making money? Are people approaching me for my services by responding to my marketing? When they make appointments do they turn up? Are my prices being accepted by my customers, clients or students? Do the representatives of my company work with me or against me? Am I enjoying what I am doing?

The answers to these questions and others like them will determine whether or not to keep going with the venture you are trying to develop. It is always difficult to give up on something that just isn’t working, especially if you have put your heart and soul into trying to make it work. Don’t fret, however, because you will have learned something from the exercise. As long as you come away wiser, then it has been a worthwhile exercise to go through. Your project will not have been a failure if you have learned enough from it to be able to do a better job the next time you have a go.

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