Guide for Window Cleaning Rates

Guide for Window Cleaning Rates

Guide for Window Cleaning Rates

The following list contains a guide for estimating the fee for service on Windows. These prices are for the standard service, which includes the cleaning of the glass, window frames and flyscreens. Also available are the budget and the deluxe service, and the client should be given the option to choose what level of service they would like:

Example Rates

  • MINIMUM FEE FOR SERVICE: $80 full rate, $60 pensioners
  • 2 and 3 bedroom, Single storey, easy access: $80 – $120
  • Double storey, easy access: $120 – $160
  • Double storey, difficult access: $160 – $200 (larger homes)
  • 3 and 4 bedroom, Single storey, easy access: $100 – $120
  • Double storey, easy access: $160 – $200
  • Double storey, difficult access: $200 – $240 (larger homes)
  • 4 and 5 bedroom, Double storey, easy access: $200 – $240
  • Double storey, difficult access: $240 – $320 (larger homes)
  • Triple storey, easy access: $280 – $400
  • Triple storey, difficult access: $360 – $720 (larger homes)

Aspects of the job that will affect the price – look for the following:

  • The number of panes of glass in any one window ie: Plain sheets or Colonial multi-frames.
  • Where the home is situated ie: Is it close to the ocean where the sea salt can build up on the glass? Is the home on a main road where there is pollution? Is there a build–up of dirt on the glass that has not been attended to for many months?
  • Does the land slope downward at the back or side of the home, and will an extra long extension ladder be needed?
  • If the above is the case, can the windows be lifted out of their frames to clean, therefore canceling the need for such a long ladder?

What are the Details of the Job?

  • Look for any verandahs around the home, enabling easy access to the windows.
  • Does the window have any framework additions to make it look like a Colonial style window ie: clip on plastic frames?
  • Is the frame around the glass made of metal or wood? Do these frames need to be cleaned as well?
  • Fees for service are listed previously, but on Saturdays and Sundays you may charge extra. Do not quote an hourly rate to the client. Give a quote based on the size of the home, the accessibility of the windows and the other factors listed previously.
  • Ask the client ‘Is it price or quality that is more important to you?’ If the answer were price then you would take 30% off the above estimates for the budget service and you would not spend so much time paying attention to the framework and tracks. Make sure that the glass is clear and sparkling though.

Part of a Window Clean usually includes brushing down the flyscreens, sweeping away the cobwebs, and vacuuming the tracks. By assessing all of this, you can place yourself in a better position to give an accurate quote.

Cleaning Windows for an Initial Clean (Otherwise known as a Builders Clean)

You will need to use a mixture of Hydrochloric acid and water to soften the splattered grout or cement that will always be present when doing a Builders or Renovation clean. This is so that you don’t scratch the glass in your attempt to remove the mess left behind by the builders.

Mix one part Hydrochloric acid to 20 parts water and sponge over the glass with this mix. Allow the solution to soften the grout or cement and then, using a window-scraping blade, gently prise it off. If the ratio suggested isn’t strong enough, then try a mixture of one part Hydrochloric acid to fifteen parts water. Keep repeating this process until you achieve the results that you are seeking. CAUTION: Do not leave the mixture of water and Hydrochloric acid on the metal framework for too long, as it will change the colour of the frames.