Step Out of the Mindset of Competition

……. and into limitless energy!

Step Out of the Mindset of Competition

Step Out of the Mindset of Competition 

In offering my viewpoint here I expect that some of you will accept it and some of you may not. Some of you will already have beliefs in place that work for you, and if this is the case then feel free to skip this article. However, if life is not working for you at the moment then consider what I am about to explain, as I have found this information to work well for me and it may very well do the same for you.

We Are Energetic Beings

There is more to life than meets the eye. Every inanimate object and every living thing on this earth is made up of and exudes energy. Scientists have long since realised that all matter is made up of energy, and it is the combination and amount of this energy that solidifies an object and makes it appear real. We all exude energy, but the amount and quality of energy depends on how much we have worked upon and concentrated on improving ourselves. By working on ourselves, getting in touch with our purpose and aligning our life to what we feel is our reason for being here we begin to resonate an energy that is very pleasing to be around.

Become Aware of Your Own Energy

People around us can feel this energy on a subconscious level. If you have a lot of this Life Force exuding from you, people will want to be with you. They will come from far distances away to be with you, just because you feel so good to have around.

Becoming aware of your energy levels and achieving a pleasing resonance is simply a matter of working upon oneself in every way possible. It begins from fitness, health and relaxation, to personal development. Then from spirituality to intellectual development to assertiveness. It creates a complete package, one that steps way, way beyond the confines of competition. You can guarantee that others will feel this higher energy level. They won’t quite be able to pinpoint what it is, but they will know that you feel good to have around.

Align with Your Purpose

When going into business for yourself, begin by aligning with your purpose and creating a ‘complete package’ within yourself. Then you’ll be able to operate without limits to the amount of money you can make. Or, if you are working for others, then very soon you will find yourself being promoted or outgrowing your position. Thus you’ll move on to bigger and better things. The people around you will feel that you are calm and balanced. This will make them feel safe around you. Hence, those who also resonate at that higher energy level are going to want you on their team.

When you have a raised level of vibration, and when you love the people around you and don’t compete with anyone, others will be drawn to you like moths to a flame. They will want to do business with you because they love the feeling of being around you, and they love being treated kindly and with respect. When you know how to serve, to truly give value in what it is you do, you will never be poor. However, make sure you are doing what you love to do, because these principles only work if you are on purpose with what makes you You, and when what you have to offer to the world is something that comes from your heart.


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