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Waxing Procedures

Waxing Procedures

Here you will learn:





The results of learning this module will be that you will be able to identify all the supplies needed for waxing; name the different methods of hair removal; know the areas of the body to be waxed; have a good knowledge of Hot wax; and have a good knowledge of Strip Wax. Continue reading

Providing Beauty Services

October Focus: Home-Based Beauty Clinic

Providing Beauty Services

An Introduction to the Beauty Industry

If this is your first time here, welcome to my site. October’s articles will give you an introduction to providing the services of a Beautician. There is much you can learn from reading these articles and practicing what you learn. Combine these articles with watching videos on youtube to help you learn how to do the work before going on to become qualified as a beauty therapist.

Being a service provider in the Beauty Industry requires many skills, for example: providing hair removal in the form of laser treatments and waxing; nail extensions; manicures; pedicures; eyelash tinting and eyebrow shaping, facials, makeup and massage. You may already know a little about how to provide these services, or this could be your first introduction to work within this field. Whatever the case, rest assured that you can build a very nice income from these repeat services without having to become fully qualified as a Beautician.

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