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Good Clients and Bad

August focus: Domestic Cleaning Service

good clients and bad

Good Clients and Bad

Recognising a Bad Client

In this business there are plenty of bad clients. That doesn’t mean to say though, that you should treat any of them with a lack of respect. You should treat each client with the same amount of respect and value, no matter whether you are being paid well or being paid average to do their work. When a person feels valued by you they are going to tell others about you and your service. This is how you will gain referral business. But be aware that in the home cleaning business there will always be good clients and bad. Continue reading

Assertiveness – Part II

August Focus: Domestic Cleaning Business

Assertiveness - Part II

Learning to Become Free through Assertiveness

Next, assertiveness requires you to have very clearly defined goals in life and that you know what your purpose is. If you have no idea about these things you will not be able to become assertive. If you do not know what you want the first step to take is to work out what you don’t want from life until you have narrowed down your list to what you do want from life. Underlying what you want will be your reason for being here. If you are able to define this you will be able to assertively say no to those things in life that you do not want that go against your purpose, and assertively speak up for those things that you do want in life that fit in with your purpose. Continue reading