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How to Improve Your Memory

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how to improve your memoryHow to Improve Your Memory

If you wish to know how to improve your memory and recall a fact, and it does not come into consciousness, what do you say? “I have forgotten.” That is the customary remark. You now understand what such a statement will do. It is exactly the same as telling your subconscious mind to do nothing at all. You have forgotten, and that’s all there is to it. The next time you wish to recall a fact, say; “It will come to me,” or some such positive thought. With such a mental instruction your subconscious mind will delve into your storehouse of knowledge and presently you will find the thought coming into your consciousness.

As we grow older, our interests increase and frequently, through not having shown sufficient attention at the time of hearing a fact it will escape us. As we have such experiences, we begin to feel our memory is slipping and a ‘bad memory consciousness’ is created. The memory becomes poor because we have literally instructed the subconscious mind to make it poor. It is extremely easy to correct this condition. To hold to the thought, ‘I have a good memory’, will prove a revelation to us. We will develop a good memory. Continue reading