Party Plan – Handbags, Belts and Shoes

Party Plan - Handbags, Belts and Shoes

Party Plan – Handbags, Belts and Shoes

Other party-plan products that do well are hand-made shoes of a variety of colours and styles.  Simply hold shoe parties, and depending on your range you will make very good money indeed. Try to find a local shoemaker who is making their own range of shoes, and put forward the idea to them to design and supply a range of classic and fashionable ladies shoes to you for your kit. The shoemaker need only supply you with one shoe in each colour, size and style (rather than two), and some can be left foot shoes and some can be right. That way he won’t feel insecure giving you a kit. He knows you aren’t going to go out of the house wearing odd shoes! Then ask your friends to help you get started by holding a shoe party, and your business will take off in no time!

While we are on the topic of leather, you could sell handbags and belts if you prefer. Or, sell handbags, belts and matching shoes at your parties. This idea does really well.

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