You’ve Finished!

You’ve Finished!

You’ve Finished!

Before leaving the client’s home, have you checked the following:

  • All lights have been turned off
  • All plugs that were removed from their power points have been replaced.
  • All cleaning equipment is returned to the place where it is kept.
  • Check vacuum cleaner bag and empty if necessary.
  • All windows and doors are closed and have been locked.
  • All furniture is replaced to its original position after vacuuming.
  • All items that were moved when dusting have been replaced to their original position.
  • The garbage has been put out.
  • The mop has been rinsed and hung out to dry.
  • The bucket has been emptied, rinsed and replaced.
  • The cleaning cloths have been rinsed and hung out to dry, NOT placed in the laundry basket on top of the client’s clothing.
  • All telephone extensions have their handle on the hook.

I know you are rushing but……..

The time you take to check what you have done before you leave is the most important part – it is the thing that will set you apart from any old cleaning and domestic service business. Your aim should be to adopt the OWNERS EYES – WHAT DO THEY SEE? You only have one chance to create a first impression, so make it a favorable one.

Start at one end of the house and check.

Are ALL windows and doors locked (even if you didn’t open them)? This is another very common reason why people sacked their last home help. I hear all sorts of stories – “We got rid of our last cleaner because we came home one evening to find the back door wide open” – and fair enough! SECURITY IS VERY SERIOUS – IMAGINE IF SOMEONE BROKE INTO THE HOUSE AFTER YOU LEFT! Who are they going to blame first?

Are pets in or out or wherever they are supposed to be?  Does each room look and smell good (spray as you go)?   Are bins empty, toilet seats down and everything in its place?  Have you left anything behind – ie: Jif in the bathroom?

It’s nice to leave a note for your client just saying Hi and telling them of anything special that you did, or anything that you couldn’t get done and will do next time. Also, tell them of anything that you need ie: a new mop sponge, or a new bottle of Windex.

If ever you break anything it is always best to bring it to the owners attention before they discover it for themselves. Owners don’t mind so much as long as you don’t try to hide what you have done. Always write a note explaining what has happened or call and speak to them as soon as you can contact them. Don’t try to hide what you have done – it is not shameful to make an honest mistake. If you own up to it there is a very high chance that all can be solved. It might cost you some money, but you will feel a whole lot better about the fact that you were honest and that you did your best to fix things, even though you made a mistake.

At the door turn around – would YOU like to walk in? What do they see first? Is it a good impression?

If you need to set an alarm make sure you have all your belongings ready to rush out the door.

Lock the front door (always deadlocking) and screen, and CHECK IT!

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