Letters Catalogues and Postal Mailings

For the month of February, I am going to do a series of articles to do with Direct Sales and Marketing.  So here is our first article this month.

Letters Catalogues and Postal Mailings

Letters Catalogues and Postal Mailings

Start and Operate your own Profitable Direct Mail Business from Home

How much money do you want to make? Do you need a steady second income? Obviously you’re reading this because you’d like to run your own business, be your own boss and make your own decisions. If you are ready to make a commitment to be successful – both financially and personally – then the Direct Mail business could be exactly what you have been looking for. Letters Catalogues and Postal Mailings can still make you plenty of money.

Whether you’re prepared to commit a small amount of time or all of your time, whether you want satisfaction of position, financial security – even social respect – the Direct Mail business is a vehicle that can create all that you want. Today, there are hundreds of opportunities to get into the profitable Direct Mail business. And, you don’t have to be creative or clever or have invented something new. You only need the desire and determination to achieve your goals.

What do you want from life? Are you tired of struggling to make ends meet? Maybe you’re fed-up with commuting to work and living under a time clock…. most people are. If you like independence, can make simple decisions easily, and are prepared to devote energy to your project, you will succeed. The Direct Mail business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will not make you a millionaire overnight but it can build into a steady profitable business at home – as big or as small as you want it to be.

If you have an idea – a product or service – now is the time to capitalise on it via mail order selling. You can definitely start ‘on the kitchen or dining room table’ and parlay it into a profitable business. Others have done it, are doing it, and now, it’s your turn for a piece of the action. Think big and think with confidence. The only way to truly make a Direct Mail business work is to make it work for YOU! This is a low-risk, low-investment business that can make you high profits.

In the early 1800’s most of the businesses were one-person or one-family set-ups. They took pride in their product and took the time to provide their customers with high quality. The majority of people in major organisations don’t take pride in what they are teaching, selling or doing when they work for someone else. However, when it comes to small one-person or one-family operations, the people involved in them do take pride. Some of the direct mail companies that gross millions of dollars a year got started in a small way as one-person businesses. They began slowly, testing ads, testing prices and acquiring customers that bought again and again as each year passed. These businesses that started from scratch are being run by people who enjoy providing good service to their customers. And when the customer has a reasonable and justified complaint, they normally do everything and anything under their power (even if they lose money) just to make that customer satisfied!  They take pride in their work, and it seems obvious that if you would rather work for yourself then you are likely to do the same. Mail order is one type of business that can be run by someone operating as a sole-trader and is actually best suited to being run this way. Because of that, mail order is loaded with the most dedicated people in the world. Walk into any corporate-owned establishment and be introduced to complacency first-hand. Please don’t get me wrong – there are some very well run organisations and some very skilled and loyal personal assistants and specialists, but any time you hire employees, the dedication to your product or service begins to deteriorate.

As with any other profitable business, the procedure of making profits by mail has its own set of rules. Learn these rules, adhere to them, adjust them to your own circumstances – draw up a ‘battle plan’ and work with your plan…. Persevere, be aware of other people’s marketing methods, continue upgrading your product or service, and with determination you can create a very successful business…. And then, you can look over your shoulder at those who were laughing at you, and perhaps help them in some small way…..

Knowledge, and the application of that knowledge, are the basic keys to success. You must know what heights you want to attain, understand what it takes to attain those heights, and then dedicate yourself to getting there.

The rules to achievement of success in direct mail have to do with

  1. Market research
  2. The use of the ‘right’ mailing lists
  3. Customer follow-up….

If you can understand the ‘hows and whys’ of these rules, then there’s virtually no way you can help but succeed in the field of mail order, even starting from scratch.

I do want to mention here though, that in my humble opinion it is best to initially use electronic direct mail methods when taking into consideration the effect that direct mail has on the environment.  There are billions and billions of paper letters, newsletters, flyers and catalogues arriving in letterboxes each month in Western nations. These physical mailings are created from trees that are cut down and often aren’t replaced.  Essentially, the lungs of the planet are being ripped out just so that companies and corporations can send out mail.  Please take this into consideration when designing your direct mail campaigns, and please do not contribute unnecessarily to the problem of cutting down trees.  If you are able to, join a group that goes out into the forest or the national parks, and take part in the replanting of trees, or buy a piece of land and plant trees on it that help to filter the carbon dioxide out of the air and turn it into oxygen. Plant three trees in your backyard if you have one, so that you are equalising the affect that using paper and paper products has on this planet.

Thank you for reading.

Please read my next article for more on the topic of Direct Selling via Mail Order.


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