Self Evaluation Questionnaire

Self Evaluation Questionnaire

Self Evaluation Questionnaire

While working out for yourself how to improve your life, the questionnaire in this article might be of value to you.

These questions will help you see where you may possibly be letting yourself and others down. Be honest with yourself when you answer them, and make a resolve to do something about the questions that you don’t like your own answers to.

1. Do I aim to be better than average at the things I do?
2. Do I actually put into action the steps needed to creating the outcome of my desire?
3. Have I spent the time educating myself in the areas that most interest me?
4. Do I control my negative thoughts and bad habits? Do I have self-discipline?
5. Do I tolerate my own poor health, which may be caused by self-abuse such as overeating, poor work habits, lack of exercise, smoking and misuse of alcohol and drugs?
6. Do I procrastinate on things?
7. Do I lack persistence? When the going gets tough do I give up?
8. Is my negative attitude about my own potential or the potential or possibilities in a given situation stopping me from having or achieving what I want?
9. Do I control my sexual energy and channel it into creative efforts?
10. Do I expect life to be handed to me on a platter rather than working my way towards its’ achievement?
11. Can I make a prompt decision and stick to it?
12. Have I released myself from the following fears:

  • fear of poverty
  • fear of criticism
  • fear of poor health
  • fear of rejection
  • fear of old age
  • fear of death

13. Have I selected my partner carefully, making sure they share the same interests, standards and dreams?
14. Am I willing to take a chance?
15. Am I working with people who neither inspire nor motivate me to achieve all that I can?
16. Do I accept superstition and prejudice which closes my mind and creates fear?
17. Am I staying in a career that I don’t like, even though I know I would be happier somewhere else?
18. Am I scattering my energies and not concentrating my efforts on one definite aim?
19. Have I learned how to manage my money so that I am not in fear of poverty all the time?
20. Do I lack enthusiasm? Do I demonstrate an interest in things?
21. Am I able to listen to other peoples’ views on religion, politics or racial discrimination? Am I tolerant?
22. Do I know how to co-operate with others?
23. Do I lack satisfaction because the things I have in life I was given; therefore I don’t feel that I deserve them?
24. Am I intentionally dishonest? Do I have a bad reputation that restricts me because others can not trust me?
25. Am I egotistical and vain? Do I think only of myself and not really care about others?
26. Do I guess instead of thinking of or getting all the facts before making a judgement or decision?
27. Do I ask for help from my concept of God or the God Force?
28. Do I show other people that I love them by spending time with them?

If you answer these questions honestly, you’ll know where you need to start to work within yourself.

Write down areas that you think you could improve

What do you want from life?
It is never, ever too late to blossom. Many women are late bloomers who do not blossom until they are in their thirties, forties and fifties. Allow your creative mind to give you answers on what it is that you want from life. Ask yourself the following questions:
What would make me happy?

How do you define happiness?

What do you want from life?
If you do not know what you want the first step to take is to work out what you don’t want from life until you have narrowed down your list to what you do want from life. Underlying what you want will be your purpose – the reason for you being here.

Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you work out what you want from life. Ask yourself ‘What type of life do I want?

Do I want:

  • To work alone or with a team of people?
  • To build many friendships or only a few?
  • To work for someone else or work for myself at some stage?
  • To work from 9 am to 5 pm or work a variety of hours?
  • To be an expert at something?
  • To spend time each day learning about my favourite subject?
  • To spend some quiet time alone each day?
  • To travel as often as I can and see other countries and lifestyles? Where would I like to go?
  • To belong to a family of people?
  • To create a piece of work like a painting, sculpture or book that will outlive my own life and give pleasure, beauty and inspiration to others.

Questions like those above will help to define what you want. If you are unable to think of many other things that you want, ask yourself the next set of questions: ‘What do I not want in my life?’ Do any of the following questions sound true for you?

  • To work for, with or have people working for me who do not appreciate the value of my efforts.
  • To work in a job or set up a business where I am not using all my skills and abilities.
  • To work in a field that is not interesting exciting and fulfilling for me.
  • To work all my life and not get ahead and improve my lifestyle.
  • To be constantly in debt and not be able to afford to do the things I want in life.
  • To not be in touch with my intuition, that part of me that knows what is ultimately best for me.
  • To be easily swayed into making decisions that may not necessarily in my own best interests.
  • To have other people telling me what to do all the time.
  • To not have my parents and family in my life or to not have a good relationship with them.

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