Quotes by Stuart Wilde on Poverty

Quotes by Stuart Wilde on Poverty

Quotes by Stuart Wilde on Poverty

Poverty is restriction and as such, it is the greatest injustice that you can perpetrate upon yourself.  Stuart Wilde

Stuart Wilde was one of the greatest teachers to inspire this modern day revolution of thought around many different topics, the most practical being around money. He wrote many books, two on money, of which one is titled “The Trick To Money is Having Some” In this book he shows you that money is merely a form of energy, and that the difference between having it and not having it is merely a small but subtle shift in consciousness (in fact, one woman claims she won $1.7 million in the lottery using the techniques presented within these pages).

Like his other highly successful books, this work is chock full of useful information and practical ideas. His breezy and comical style makes for effortless reading as you plot your path to complete financial freedom.

He also recorded some of his seminars, one of which was titled The Mastery of Money. These recordings which were originally released in cassette tape form, are a fantastic set of teachings about the esoteric nature of money and how you can open yourself to receiving more of it. His audio book The Little Money Bible can be heard here by clicking on the following title: The Little Money Bible

Stuart Wilde: Early Life and Career

Stuart Wilde was born on September 24, 1946 in Farnham, England. He has a twin sister and they both enjoyed the performing arts in their early lives. Wilde joined the English Stage Company after he graduated from George’s College. Shortly thereafter, he began a jeans business during the 1960s and became a financial success. At the age of 28, Wilde became interested in the self improvement ideas found in Taoist philosophy and these ideas helped form the basis for his first book, ‘Miracles‘.

Miracles‘ was a success and Wilde became popular on the lecture circuit at New Thought churches and at various New Age conferences throughout the world. He appeared with big names such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and Deepak Chopra.

Because of his humourous nature and philosophical insights on life, he gained a large, loyal following and had a profound influence in the New Age movement. In 2001, he was named on CNET’s “Top 10 List: Human Development Gurus” along with Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler, Steven Covey, and other big names of the time.

Stuart Wilde: His Beliefs and Message

Wilde called the limited hum drum status quo of most people’s lives, “Tick-Tock.” He believed that people were waking up to the fact they do not have to live their lives constrained by Tick-Tock mentality.

Wilde based his self improvement advice around meditation and affirmations. He believed that by quieting the mind through meditation, one can control their life, even develop ESP, and see visions. The goal is to end a life of struggle and live a life of freedom and bliss. To do that, he believed that financial independence is needed and to that end he wrote a few books on using metaphysics to attain money.

Stuart Wilde was also a believer in the use of affirmations, or repeating positive statements, in an attempt to retrain our brains and create self-talk that will change our beliefs and therefore change our lives for the better. Some of the teachings of Wilde ventured into areas that some of his readers may not be willing to enter, such as perceiving parallel worlds, government oppression, and having visions of gods and aliens.

Stuart Wilde was a peace activist, vegetarian, and supporter of animal rights as he believed in a live and let live philosophy.


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