Expecting to Receive

Expecting to Receive

Without this Your Business Won’t Make It!

One of the very first things you’ll need to do if you want to do well in any kind of business is (if you haven’t already done it), to develop a high level of expectancy to receive abundance if you are ever going to do well or make it a full time income.

Unless you are comfortable with asking for money, you will never make it in business. So the first thing you may need to look at is the beliefs you have around receiving. I learned much about how to do this from listening to The Mastery of Money audio recordings by Stuart Wilde. My karma was to create money in a way that took a very long time and did not allow me to have access to it until I had the right people in my life to assist me with how it was meant to be used. I am sure that there were certain Celestial beings who made sure that I didn’t happen upon the right money- making opportunity until I was sufficiently ready, that’s for sure.

So just briefly, let’s look at some of the concepts that Stuart teaches with regards to money. His whole philosophy states that life was never meant to be a struggle, and so when he applies this teaching to his views on money and abundance, his goal is to teach people “how to align effortlessly with flow and abundance.” (sw)

There are many hurdles placed before us in our quest to become a Creative Financially Free Female, substantially most of them being attitudes towards wealth that were given to us by those whose interests didn’t stand to gain from us becoming rich. There’s the idea that if you become truly wealthy that you’ll no longer be a decent and loving person. There’s also the idea that rich people got their wealth dishonestly or at the expense of others somehow. You’ll have to get over both of those concepts if you want to do well financially, but in doing so you’ll also have to look at just how much money you need in order to purchase the experiences in life that will expand who you are and add to your growth as a decent and honest person who wants to do good in the world. Personally, I feel that had my only motivation been for self-gain, then somewhere along the line I would have fallen over in my attempt to gain true financial independence. After all, how many cars can a person drive at once, and how many houses does one need to live in? No more than one of each, is my answer to that.

It’s a trap to go for the really big dollars and upon getting them, not to spread your wealth around to help others. To hoard wealth is to grow a cancer within you that will eventually eat you alive. We’re not meant to have massive wealth without helping others along the way, so it’s important to watch your reasons for wanting to become wealthy, for your own sake. To want money for power and image’s sake is to invite a Boa Constrictor into your room while you sleep at night – eventually it’s going to wrap itself around you and strangle you while you’re dreaming.

From my own personal experience, the opportunity that created my first large amount of money wasn’t shown to me until I had reached a turning point in my life where I agreed to use a substantial amount of that money to help others. It was almost as if that Divine part of myself felt awkward wanting to create wealth if I didn’t have a higher purpose for using that wealth. You might have already found in your own life that your attempts to create money have been hindered by self-seeking reasons for pursuing it. I know that for me, the channels that led to success didn’t open until Spirit knew that I would use it for the right purposes. So if your only reason for reading my website is to become financially free for what you can get out of it, I strongly recommend that you look at your reasons for wanting to create abundance and at what you will do with lavish abundance when it finally comes to you. Nobody wants to be caught in the same way that people who win the lottery get caught – one minute they have no money, the next they have won a bundle, and then within a couple of years they are back to being broke again. It’s because they didn’t ever really think about how best to use that money if it were to find them, and their inner selves couldn’t accept that they deserved to keep any of that money, so they subconsciously set up situations that caused them to throw it all away.

There are at least ten places in the Bible where the verses speak of abundance as being something that the Divine, creative force behind this world wants us to experience.  Divinity is fully and totally abundant, so it wants to be allowed to express Itself through you and I. Money itself isn’t evil, but rather, it’s the love of money that causes so many problems. It’s worth remembering this fact whenever you sabotage your success along the way to building your business and saving your money. Always remember to love and serve others (and don’t forget to charge for your good service), and then in doing so, wealth finds its way back to you of its own accord.

As I journeyed through life I learned to accept everything that was given to me. So, if someone offered to give me an old wardrobe, I’d take it. Later, I might give it to someone else, but in taking it I was learning to accept abundance coming my way. If someone gave me something new that they didn’t want or need, I’d take that too and then pass it along if I didn’t need it. I also did what Stuart Wilde recommends and I learned to pick up coins off the sidewalk if ever I saw one as I was walking along. It’s an affirmation of allowing abundance into your life to stop and pick it up, and so I always do that, even still. To not pick it up is an affirmation to my subconscious mind that I don’t deserve to have money find me, which is not what I want to reinforce to my subconscious mind, that’s for sure. So I don’t really care what other people think if they see me doing it. After all, those people weren’t practising within their own lives how to create wealth and abundance, so what do I care about what they think anyway? I don’t.

Anyway, what I’m really talking about here is creating the space within your psyche to catch the wealth that you want to receive. If you don’t do that, then nothing will be able to fall into the net of your energy field.  You have to create the room to accept it when it comes, because if you don’t, then when it does arrive it won’t be able to enter your life. Use affirmations, do things like accept people’s help and the things they want to do for you and give to you, and don’t feel undeserving of any of it. You’re in training to receive, and your future prosperity depends on it.

That’s all for now. Catch you next time 🙂

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