What’s Right for Me?

What's Right for Me?

What’s Right for Me?

What kind of business will you start? This question has baffled many people, and often because they don’t know what kind of business they would be happy in they don’t even get going. It all becomes too much to make that final decision as to which way to go. However, if you have read my article titled “Have You Got What It Takes?” have done the exercises contained in that article and have begun to understand your strengths and weaknesses (or already are aware), you will be able to start eliminating ideas that will simply never work for you. Remember, your personality plays a big part in the success of your business. You would be wise to take that into account when considering any proposed venture put in front of you.

Some people love the challenge of getting a business up and running, yet they cannot stand the tedium of the day to day running of a business. Their interest can be kept for the period of time it takes to build a business to a certain point, and then they get bored. This type of person would do well setting up small businesses, getting them going and the selling them quickly to someone who does not have the courage to take the initial risk involved in trying to take an idea from the realm of imagination to the realm of the physical and making it a success. Others become very proud of their achievement in getting a business going and prefer to stay with their fledgling project until it matures into a real going concern. Some stay with their initial venture for many, many years, and the knowledge they gain from that venture can be used at some stage further down the track in their next project. Others stay for long enough to achieve whatever goals they had in mind when they began, then they either phase out their project or they absorb left-over stock and use it for themselves. There is a place for everyone in business – you just have to know yours.

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